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If you’ve ever heard the name Elvis Presley (and you know you have), you’ve most likely also heard the name Graceland. Graceland was the Memphis, Tennessee home of The King for over 20 years and now serves as a museum and memorial. This 17,000+ square foot home contains some of Elvis’s most prized possessions and also has a few secrets and little known facts. Here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Elvis’s Graceland.

  1. Graceland is the second most-visited private home in America, with over 600,000 visitors every year. What’s the first? The White House in Washington, DC.
  1. When you’re sitting at your dining room table and forget something in the kitchen, you have to get up and and retrieve it. Not Elvis Presley! Elvis had a doorbell style buzzer installed underneath the dining room table that would summon the kitchen staff.
  1. Although Graceland was extensively renovated by Elvis, The King did not build or name the home. Graceland was built and given it’s name by original owners Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore. Graceland was named after original landowner Grace Toof – Mrs. Moore’s Aunt.
  1. A lot of guests who visit Graceland for the first time expect to see a guitar-shaped swimming pool when they go to Graceland’s backyard. Instead of a guitar, guests are surprised by a pool in the shape of a kidney! The pool was not originally part of the property, and was added by Elvis in 1957.
  1. How many fans do you think have seen Graceland? One million? Three million? Try 20 Million! As of late 2015, nearly 20 million visitors have been through the front door of Elvis’s Graceland. That’s a lot of tours!
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  1. Everybody knows that Elvis loved his fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, but what they might not know is that he had a list of grocery items that were to be kept in the Graceland kitchen at all times, including cans of sauerkraut, banana pudding (made fresh nightly) and three packs of Doublemint gum.
  1. Fans are welcome to visit Elvis’s gravesite in the Meditation Garden free of charge every day from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Other members of Elvis’s family are buried in the Meditation Garden as well.
  1. When you walk up the main staircase in the foyer of Graceland, you’ll notice a portrait of a young Elvis hanging on the left wall. The portrait shows Elvis leaning on what looks to be a chair. It’s was recently revealed that Elvis is actually holding the rim of a bicycle!
  1. There were many pets at Graceland over the years, and their presence still remains. Behind the closet door off the kitchen leading to the basement, various dog leashes and collars of Elvis’s dogs can be seen hanging on a peg board.
  1. Elvis’s final resting place was actually first a crypt at the Forrest Hills Cemetery in Memphis. After an attempt to steal Elvis’s body just weeks after his funeral, he was moved to it’s current location in the Meditation Garden on the grounds at Graceland.

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