Linux Manjaro MATE Live 21.2.6 Full 64-Bit Bootable HP 16gb Flash Drive


Manjaro is an efficient companion to serve your variety of needs and it is versatile to adapt to all of your needs. Our user base varies from home users to students & teachers, programmers & developers, professionals, art enthusiast, music lovers, multimedia professionals and many more.


Mate Desktop:
The MATE desktop environment is a derivative of the now deprecated GNOME 2. It provides an intuitive desktop using traditional metaphors.

Change everything you need:
Every person is different and needs an operating system that doesn’t try to enforce a specific workflow, visual style or certain programs. Manjaro comes with default settings, that we believe are helpful to most users. But as with most Linux distributions, you still have every option to configure, change, remove or replace whatever you like. Most of these options are directly available via an easy to use configuration program.

Control Your PC:
As like many other Linux distributions, we believe that privacy, security and keeping control are among the most valuable things for a user. We have included some clever tools to accomplish everything needed to make room for actual work, entertainment and relaxation. But you, the user, will always be in control of your own computer. It’s your hardware and your operating system.

Update when you want:
When updates are available Manjaro will just show an unobtrusive notification. If you have important work to do, are currently in a ranked game or watching a movie, you can just hide it with one click. “Not now” for us still means that you don’t have time and don’t want to update right now. There are no hidden downloads or automatic restarts. Manjaro does exactly what you want.

Your data not ours:
Manjaro does not send any data to anybody. Why should it? It’s your data and you decide what you want to do with it. You can decide if you want to use services that finance themselves with the data you generate. But you also can decide to secure, hide and protect your data and use open source software which is directly available in Manjaro’s repositories and has been additionally checked by the package maintainer.

Can Manjaro run with Windows?
To install Manjaro on the same hard drive as Windows 10. Make sure to create a separate Manjaro partition. In most cases, Windows 10 occupies the whole hard disk; however, it has an ideal tool to release space. Click the Windows Start button and search Disk Management.

System Requirements:
One gigabyte (GB) of memory.
Thirty gigabytes (GB) of hard disk space.
A one gigahertz (Ghz) processor.
A high definition (HD) graphics card and monitor.
A broadband internet connection.