Puppy Linux Live FossaPup64 9.5 x64 on HP 16gb Flash Drive


Why Puppy Linux is awesome

Puppy Linux is a fast lightweight Linux operating system, with a fully featured desktop and a (surprisingly) huge selection of programs installed by default.


Puppy runs super fast – the programs included in Puppy Linux are chosen for their speed and small size, as well as being useful and user-friendly.

Make that old PC run Fast again and your new computer run even faster
Install or Run Live, no need to install
Ready to use → all tools for common daily computing usage already included.
Ease of use → grandpa-friendly certified ™
Relatively small size → 300 MB or less.
Fast and versatile.
Customizable within minutes → remasters.
Different flavors → optimized to support older computers, newer computers.
Variety → hundreds of derivatives (“puplets”), one of which will surely meet your needs.

Puppy runs your programs in RAM, and minimizes hard disk usage as much as possible. It can even be setup to run the whole operating system in RAM so it’s even faster (at the cost of slightly slower boot times).

With Puppy Linux, even old PCs will run fast.

Puppy is simple
Puppy doesn’t even need to be installed – you can run it from an ISO file, or a burned CD or DVD, with no need to install it on any drives at all.

You can, however, install Puppy on hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards and more. Puppy comes with a Universal Installer program to help you install Puppy to nearly anything!

You can have multiple Puppy installs on a single partition, or like other operating system, across multiple partitions, if you prefer.

Puppy Linux can even be copied to an existing partition, alongside other operating systems, without the need to format your drives or partitions. This includes Windows drives like NTFS and FAT32 drives!

Puppy is powerful:
Puppy can be used as a desktop OS, a home file or media server, a fast gaming OS, a rescue OS for fixing Windows and recovering data and it can go everywhere you go – just take your Puppy Linux USB with you!

Puppy can be built from the packages of other distros. The currently supported distros are:


Puppy Linux offers access to the package repos of the distro from which it was built – if your Puppy Linux was built from Ubuntu Bionic packages, then the huge selection of Ubuntu Bionic packages and repos will be available in your Puppy Package Manager (PPM).

Puppy is secure:
Your OS settings are saved separate from the OS itself – in a save file or save folder. This can be an encrypted file, for extra security.

You can choose retain your settings between reboots, or not. With Puppy Linux, it’s easy to boot a “fresh” or “pristine” install any time you like.

With Puppy you can keep your personal files and sensitive data separate from your OS, even leaving no trace of previous activity between reboots.

Puppy is faithful:
Puppy is ideal for running on mediocre hardware, even the latest versions work great!

For users of very old hardware, who cannot recycle it but wish to keep using it, even current versions of Puppy Linux might work for you. If not, there are older versions of Puppy Linux which are still available, and will work great!

Puppy is customizable:
Puppy Linux is easy to customize.

You can easily rebuild your own custom version of Puppy Linux using the Remaster pup program, available in Menu->Setup. You can change add or remove packages, change themes, desktop environments and whatever else you like.

There are other tools too, like Woofy, a simple GUI for building custom Puppy Linux versions from an ISO file.

In fact, it’s so easy to remaster a custom Puppy Linux derivative (or “puplet”) that there’s a whole forum section dedicated to Puppy Derivatives.

System Requirements:
CPU : Pentium 900 MHz.
RAM : 300 MB RAM.
Hard Drive : Optional.
DVD-ROM : 20x and up or USB.