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Are The Skeptics Right?

There is a clear and obvious difference of opinion in society with regard to the importance of the issues […]

It’s Easy To Be Cynical

When we see celebrities getting behind a cause, there are many of us – maybe even most of us […]

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It’s So Easy, Being Green

With oil and natural gas prices rocketing, stoking terror of long, cold and and expensive winters, a renewed interest in keeping heating costs under control has has been sparked. Homeowner’s have an ignited passion in understanding energy saving methods. If you’re in this boat, stuck in cold waters, here are some tips for energy saving tricks of the trade. If you’re living in a home with a furnace that’s more than 20 years old, you may have already attempted the “buy a sweater” method of keeping warm. […]

Why IT has to Go Green

As the amount of C02 that Britain’s data centres emit is more than the total annual CO2 emissions of Norwich and Oxford, it is time the IT industry took responsibility for their actions. In comparison to the widely criticised aviation industry, which accounts for 2% of the world’s total C02 carbon emissions, IT accounts for 4%. Despite these negative figures, it is encouraging to hear in The Carbon Trust and YouGov report into employees’ attitudes to carbon reduction, 70 % said they wanted to cut their carbon […]

What Makes A “Green” Home?

While “green” has become quite the buzzword when it comes to home building and design, what exactly it means isn’t always clear. There are a few standards for eco-friendly homes, but the term “green” doesn’t have a universal definition beyond being a color made by mixing yellow and blue. So how does a consumer know when a home the builder is calling “green” is actually built with an ecological focus, or at least enough of one to justify its price? Some of the standards for ecologically minded […]

Think Green when you Clean

We all want to do our part in ensuring our environment stays as safe and healthy as possible for our children and future generations to come. Many people don’t stop to think how their household cleaners can affect the environment, and how toxic they can make the immediate environment of your home. With some careful forethought, planning and effort, your home can be cleaned safely and effectively, sparing the environment, your home, family and pets from toxic chemicals and fumes. Most people firmly believe that surfaces in […]

The Beauty Of Green Glassware

Glassware collectors the world over are in tune to the varied and beautiful collections of glass that define certain generations. Glassware lines can actually act as a historical timeline, as we see the lines and colors metamorphose to reflect the changing times. There are glassware collections for all tastes and budgets – running from the conservative and clear to the funky and colorful. One such colorful line of glassware – and one that receives quite a bit of attention by collectors – is green glassware. Green glassware […]